Federico, what a great person your Papà Michele was!

17 marzo 2009

Abbiamo ricevuto questo pensiero da Marlis Leo, un’amica tedesca di Michele e desideriamo riportarlo così come pervenuto. E’ dedicato a Federico (il piccolino di Michele) ed è in lingua inglese.

Dear Federico,

I am writing today to you as I want to tell you what a great person your Papa Michele was. You are a too little to remember many things about him, so your Mama and friends will have to bring him to your memory later.

I wish for your life that you can be proud of your Papa, as he was a very happy, always very friendly and joyful person with a positive mind and full of energy. He liked adventures and developed great ideas.  Sometimes he told me stories, which I hardly believed, but I discovered: all were true!

I do not know how you look alike, perhaps you ressemble your Papa?

I’m a lady from Germany and when I had a job in Milan (like entertaining a group of Ferraristi) he always helped me to find the right places in Milan for that group and he was very cooperative.

I even went once on the back of his motorcycle in order to reach my train to Malpensa in  time and believe me, it was a very fast ride.

I also stayed in his apartment when it was not occupied -but I did not like his FUTON bed, so I had decided to stay in the Hotel Four Seasons again.

By the way, the big round clock which he had over the kitchen door was a present from me.

When your Papa was in Frankfurt I had helped him to organize staff for the Italian PIAZZA during the home textile show. He was very severe and strict in his business, but always had an open eye for beautiful things.

Your Papa is surely watching you and thinking about you. And you, Federico, can always talk to your Papa, even if he is not present. Your Mama will also do so.

If you and your Mama need friends in Frankfurt , you have my email address and telephone number.

Take care, little sweet Federico.

My warmest regards to you and your Mama

Marlis Leo

As well as my family with Darko, Sandra, Kim and their children Marie, Leo, Lennart and Levi.

March 2009


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